Hey! You heard about our raffle right?? $20 a chance for round-trip airfare to/from Phoenix Sky Harbor?? You've purchased some right? Contact John Elliott at 928-476-3758 if not.

It has come to our attention, that there are a couple of other excellent raffles going on right now too.

R.W. Brook Cunningham is raffling off a sweet 1966 Chevelle Malibu. Only 300 tickets being sold at $100 each. DETAILS

Also, Sahuaro #41 is raffling off a Colt 1911 pistol. Tickets are going for $10 each. Raffle is limitted to 400 tickets DETAILS

On Tuesday, April 5, we had an education night for all interested local residents.

We had a pretty good turn-out (25-30) people! WM Bill Herzig presented some excellent general information about the craft, followed by WB Rick Skoglund who presented an abreviated version of his paper "What Masons Do". WB Tom Jones briefly discussed Fremasonry and Religion, followed by WB Jim Gier who described how he became a Mason and how it changed his life.

The evening concluded with light refreshment. Several men left with petitions in their hands!!

Payson Lodge No. 70 is holding a raffle to raise some money. This is going to be great! Two airline tickets to anywhere in the US for $20 CHEAP. We're making sure your odds of winning are no greater than 1 in 300. Brothers are already peddling these, we've got a limited number of tickets, so click here to learn more!

Also, we have a BBQ coming up on May 28! This one will be more than just noshing the finest BBQ in town (if not the world) We've decided to hold a horse shoe tournament at the same time. Open to everyone! We've got 4 really great pits set up already and the entry fee is a mere $20/team. I can't say what exactly what the 1st and 2nd place teams can expect, except that it will cover your entry fee...

There's even a rumor of live music and local media coverage. This rumor has not been confirmed at this time.

More information will be shared when available

Finally! We have some pictures to show from our Officer Installation held on the 8th of this month click here

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The background used here is a work by Bro. Greg Stewart titled First Degree Tracing Board It along with Tracing Boards for the other two degrees can be found on his page
Freemason Information, an awesome contribution to the Craft by the way.

Bro. Stewart was gracious enough to let us utilize it as our background
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